About Website Guidelines

Website Guidelines is an online educational website for beginners to learn the step-by-step guidelines for fundamental components and essential assets to build and maintain functional websites.

Our primary topics covered the basics of websites, domains, web hosting, WordPress themes, plugins, etc.

Following our step-by-step guides, product reviews, and comparison services can help you to build SEO-friendly professional websites.

Our Goal

Our main goal is to provide informative and useful resources that are easy to understand for all website owners including small businesses, bloggers, publishers, teams, and all non-techy WordPress website owners.

Our Mission

Our simple mission is to identify & solve the problems to provide solutions to our readers and clients with descriptive guides and easy tips.

About the Author:


My name is Tanmoy Kumar, also known as (Tech Tanmoy). My first income in life was from YouTube and CPA Marketing, then I decided to develop my skills before starting a passive online business.

Fortunately, I am now able to build and run multiple Affiliate Marketing WordPress Niche websites and earn tons of money with Content Marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) traffic for completely free. To keep with us, please

The ways we learn and how we test

Updates and changes:

  • We’ve changed our sitewide main heading font to Montserrat from Lilita One on 21st August 2023.