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The Spaceship is a domain registrar recently launched by Namecheap.

They also sell web hosting, business e-mail, security services, and other necessary digital products. However, they are mostly known for their competitive pricing and the lowest .com domain deals for new customers.

Not just the .com extension. They offer a wide range of domains at huge discount prices, due to which they are currently a trending registrar and much preferred by everyone.

So, let’s get started with the step-by-step information and a detailed review of Spaceship.

Spaceship Domain Review

Spaceship Domain Registrar Review

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Domain Management

The Verdict

If you want to buy a .com domain name for the most discounted price by using a coupon code, then Spaceship is the top choice right now over GoDaddy or any other domain registrar.



5 out of 5

Domain Registration, Renewal, and Transfer offers a .com domain for only $1.18 with coupon code COM67 for first-time users. However, their regular sale price is still worth considering at $8.06 for new domain registrations and transfers, and $8.98 for renewals, including the ICANN fee.

Spaceship domain search box

Here are some of Spaceship’s popular top-level-domains regular prices:

See more domain extensions on Spaceship.
Discover more popular top-level domains.

Hosting Pricing

Hosted Websites
20 GB  NVMe SSD Cloud storage
50 GB  NVMe SSD Cloud storage
Unmetered  NVMe SSD Cloud storage
Memory (RAM)
1 GB
2 GB
2 GB
CPU Core
1x CPU
2x CPU
4x CPU
Free 1-Year SSL certificates
Free 1-Year Email accounts
LiteSpeed web server?
Unmetered bandwidth?
Monthly Price
First Year Price
First Two Years Price
View Plans

Spacemail E-mail Pricing

E-mail TypeVersus subline
Additional mailbox price
5 GB
50 GB
Jellyfish Anti-Spam protection
Custom domain?
Monthly price
Yearly price
Biyearly price
View Plan


3 out of 5

Straightforward Domain Name Search Box

I love their beautiful domain name search box with suggested domain extensions and a price range chart which helps me to easily navigate the different domains with different prices.

spaceship domain name search results with filters

And below that, in the “All Results” option, you can see search results with all domain extensions available at Spaceship. Whereas, on the other registrar, we need to click to see more to manually filter if the domain name is available or not.

This means you just need to enter your name into the search box and press enter, and then you’ll see all available domain names with different extensions and prices without spending time filtering domain names by category or industry like the Namecheap search filters.

Namecheap search Filters

So, it is recommended to search for your new domain name on in a much more convenient and time-saving manner, which is great for domain investors to find the perfect available domain names to register.

Spaceship Library

They provide a beautiful application library called Spaceship Library that contains all the functions and services they offer. To open your domains you need to click on Library.


And then click on “Domain List” to open and manage all your domain names.

Spaceship Library

I purchased one domain with the Spaceship coupon code and got a massive discount.

My Spaceship Domain List

Business E-mail

Spaceship doesn’t offer any free e-mail with its domain registration program. But if you plan to host your domain with them, there is a Spacemail mailbox included in the hosting package for free for the first year of purchase, which can be renewed at the regular price.

Parking Page and Sell Marketplace

There is a default parking page the domains resolve to in case there are no other host records set for the field on their DNS. However, they do not have a domain buy-sell marketplace like other registrars, such as Namecheap or GoDaddy.

If you want to buy or sell your domain name then you can list your domains at third-party markets like for completely free.

Add Funds

Spaceship top-up balance

You can add funds to your Spaceship account balance to prevent losing any subscriptions. However, at the moment, they only allow cryptocurrencies through the BTCPay and BitPay payment gateways to top up your account balance.

And more features and add-ons can be added through the connection manager.

Spaceship connection manager

Domain Management

4 out of 5

Once you’ve registered a domain name with them, you need to click on the domain from the “Domain List” to manage your domain names.


After clicking, you’ll get the domain management settings where the first option is Nameservers.

Spaceship nameservers

From there, you can configure DNS records, enable DNSSEC, or set up personal nameservers with Advanced DNS.

Spaceship Advanced DNS

URL Forwarding

They offer a basic domain-forwarding service to redirect all traffic from this domain to another URL, and they don’t allow subdomains or multiple hostnames forward from the root domain to a different URL of your choice.

Email Forwarding

They also allow an e-mail forwarding service to set one destination to receive all messages sent to your domain. Additionally, you can set individual forwarding rules for individual email addresses creating up to 100 redirects.

Sharing & Transfer

On Spaceship, you’ll have both options: transferring your domain to another Spaceship account using the recipient username or transferring to a different domain registrar using the EPP code.

Spaceship domain transfer and sharing


4 out of 5

Free Domain Privacy

Spaceship domain privacy

Spaceship offers free lifetime WHOIS privacy protection for all of their top-level domain names to keep your domain’s data hidden and protect your inbox from spam.

DNSSEC Support

Spaceship DNSSEC record

They offer domain name system security extensions (DNSSEC) for free, whereas many of the registrars don’t, and make sure you turn DNSSEC ON for your domain to prevent certain types of cyber attacks that exploit vulnerabilities in the DNS system.

SSL Certificates

SSL certificates are crucial for ensuring the security, privacy, and trustworthiness of data transmitted over the Internet through website servers and user browsers. Unfortunately, Spaceship doesn’t offer any SSL certificates free for any of their domain names.

SSL certificates are included with their web hosting plans, and they are free for the first year; after that, they can be renewed at the regular rate.

Usually, SSL certificates are not useful for a standalone domain name until they are used as a URL forwarding service. Otherwise, you need a hosting plan to make your site live, and almost every hosting provider offers it for free.

Two-Factor Authentication & Activity Log

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) is a must-have security feature nowadays for online accounts and services. It adds an extra layer of security beyond just using a username and password to access an account. Which requires users to provide a second piece of information or validation in addition to their regular login credentials.

Spaceship 2FA

And I found that Spaceship provides powerful 2FA security and a secure login page. After a few minutes, they automatically get logged out and ask for a re-login with the password, and the first login, requires an e-mail verification code, even though I’ve not turned on this feature. Thanks to Spaceship for providing a secured domain name registration service.

Also, you can use an authentication app like Google Authenticator or Authy on your smartphone. And you audit or check the devices on which you’ve logged in previously with date and time, IP address, country, device OS, and action details.


4 out of 5

Live Chat and E-mail

Spaceship provides support through live chat and [email protected] e-mail but doesn’t provide any phone call service right now.

Spaceship live chat support

As a new domain registrar, the support was supposed to be bad, but no, Spaceship’s support is great, even better than Namechip or Godaddy. There are limitations on their service, but not on their support!

Tech Tanmoy

They provide solutions in a very short time, which I like very much, and this can be the reason for the small number of users where big registrars are busy. But there are some limitations in their support due to which I could not give 5 stars, i.e. DNS management at the moment can only be performed by the user in a customer account.

While other supports like Namecheap can manage from their support end. However, in their support system, currently, they help to fix system errors and other guides like changing DNS entries instead of manually editing. Hopefully, they will pay attention here as they are doing to add new features.

The Pros and Cons of Spaceship

  • Powerful domain search tool
  • Affordable registration
  • Free WHOIS privacy
  • Provide top security
  • Integration tools
  • Doesn’t provide free SSL
  • Limited top-up methods
  • It doesn’t offer free e-mail
  • Simple domain forwarding
  • Limited features


Spaceship’s competitive pricing structure aligns well with the diverse needs of customers, ensuring accessibility without compromising essential features.

Offering advanced security options, including two-factor authentication and DNSSEC support, they demonstrate a proactive stance toward protecting users’ online assets against evolving cyber threats.

The best thing is that Spaceship is an ICANN-accredited registrar developed under the Namecheap company, so we can trust them without worrying. And they plan to add more of the requested features in the future. You can check their roadmap here for any upcoming or released features.

I hope you loved this review; if yes, please let me know by commenting below!

I’ll be happy to hear your thoughts and reply.

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